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What Makes Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port Saint Lucie Florida One Of The Best Solar Energy Companies In Florida? 

​Fidelity Solar Energy of Port St. Lucie Florida has taken great steps to assure our customers we will deliver the best of the best. This means we offer products like Panasonic solar energy panels that come with 25 year warranty. We've also lined up low-interest financing that's available to homeowners that qualify for the solar energy finance programs. And most of all we've put in place the best solar power experts in the industry today. Any solar energy power affiliate of Fidelity Solar Energy in Port Saint Lucie Florida must be a seasoned pro. This includes the sales team, technicians, solar energy systems designers, installers and the coordinators. 


​With Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port Saint Lucie Florida you get the experience and the knowledge you would only hope for. Our team consists of knowledgeable experts that we have brought together to Port St. Lucie to handle the best the market has to offer in the field of solar energy power and deliver the very best everytime. We truly care about our neighbors and our environment and have all the components, capability, and will to show it.

Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St. Lucie Florida has seen just about everthing the solar panels industry has to offer and evaluates day after day what's best for our clients. The purpose and the intentions of this is to enhance new products or supporting retrofits that can change the way your solar energy power panels can collect energy as well as the financial benefits. Simply put we really care and our experience shows it 

Fidelity Solar Energy of Port St. Lucie we'll provide every step to achieve premium power savings for your home 0r business. Our solar energy panels will always be installed with the idea of attaining premium performance results.


​Before we begin talking about the obvious reasons to purchase solar energy panels in Port St. Lucie Florida is a reasons that might not be so obvious but is well worth the Pursuit for buying solar energy panels in the first place.
 The most common reason the consumer should be looking at solar energy power is that the cost of conventional electricity power keeps going up. And by buying a solar energy power panel system you literally stopped the cost of energy from exceeding any higher. So by buying an efficient solar energy system from Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port Saint Lucie the energy you collect is by kilowatts meaning you will need to buy less energy for your home or business. This means the solar energy panels you've purchased will save you more money as the price of kilowatts keeps going up for everyone else. 

 Another great reason to purchase a solar energy system is what is called Return On Investment. And what we mean by that is anytime Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St. Lucie Florida designs your solar panels system we make sure your new power bill will save you more money than the monthly payment you're making for the solar system you've financed. 

 In addition, some homeowners have purchased solar energy for multiple reasons like gaining property value.  Not long ago The American Association of Appraisers had found that buildings with solar energy panels had a higher market value than those without one. It can also be enticing to a prospective buyer when looking at homes that has low bills allowing them to buy a home that might be a little more costly. 

 And of course who can forget the TAX Advantage. As of the day we wrote this article in 2021 you could receive a credit of $2,600 on your federal taxes for every $10,000 you spent on solar panels. 

(Please note; Fidelity Solar Energy does not provide tax or legal advice. You should consult your legal tax advisor for more information). 

 In addition to all that here is something that most solar energy consumers never think about. Your solar energy panels are on your roof blocking the sun rays from heating up your home more than they already do. That means that solar panels will block some of the sunlight from hitting your roof, thereby preventing some of the heat from entering your home. I call that ''The Double Effect''. 


When you think about getting solar energy panels for your home in Port Saint Lucie Florida you should always take into consideration things like panels effectiveness, design look, and price point. And although these are exceedingly important factors to take in for account, there are other elements that you should weigh in as well. These other factors should also include things like solar energy power panel warranty, cost of installation , and type of solar power panels. 

The solar system warranty should not be taken lightly and can very hugely from one namebrand to another. You might think that a ten year warranty on your solar energy panel system sounds great but if you ask our solar energy power panels experts in Port St. Lucie you'll find out that we don't think so. In fact Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port Saint Lucie Florida offers products like Panasonic solar energy panels which come with an amzing 25 year warranty. This means that your solar energy power should be fine from any defects or shortcoming for years to come. 

 Cost of install should be another thought before choosing your solar energy panel system. And before you can chose you should know that there are three major types of solar energy panels. These are Monocrystalline Solar Energy Power Panels, Polycrystalline Solar Energy Power Panels, and The Thin-Film Solar Energy Panels. 

 The Monocrystalline solar energy panels have been around the longest and seem to be very popular with the solar energy pros. In fact the monocrystalline solar panels from Panasonic are so reliable they come with a performance warranty unlike other solar power panel system warranties.

 The Polycrystalline Solar Energy Power Panels​ generally have lower efficiencies than monocrystalline solar energy panels, but their market edge is a lower price point. You should also know that these solar energy panels have a blue shade tint look rather than the black look. 

 The Thin-Film Solar Energy Power Panels are less efficient than both Monocrystalline solar panels or the Polycrystalline solar panels. At these time it seems that most people that do chose to go this route do it for the look rather than any other reason.

about us and the solar energy power panels we offer

Our team of consultants are some of the most seasoned professionals in the field of solar energy in Port St. Lucie. We will put together a plan that will help save you money for years to come without cutting corners or offer products that are not to the fidelity Solar Energy product standards.

warranty that matters

The solar energy power panels we provide in Port St. Lucie Florida are sold with the  objective that our costumers need to be protected with the best warranty on the market today. And that's why we offer solar panels with a 25 year warranty protection.

Welcome to Fidelity Solar Energy of Port St. Lucie

your local source for solar energy power in Florida.  

​As your local solar energy power company in Port St. Lucie we will always have the consumers interest above all. We pledge to not only deliver the best solar energy products in Port St. Lucie and the surrounding areas but to also educate our customers so they can make the most informative beneficial decision for them. Fidelity Solar Energy of Port St. Lucie Florida has created a consumer friendly appointment system that doesn't expect or presure the consumer to purchase any solar energy power system in our initial meeting. In fact we want our costumers to learn and understand the process that we have created for them long before we ever get to that point of the sale. Our friendly methodology process is done in a way that will help both us and the consumer understand the consumers needs as well as come up with a game plan that will save money for years to come. 

​Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port Saint Lucie will promise you that we will only offer you a solar energy power panel system that we ourselves would be willing to install on our own home. This means that every solar energy panels system installed by us in Port St. Lucie Florida was designed as if it was going on our own residence.

expert analysis


​Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port Saint Lucie Florida has a team of professional dedicated to making sure your solar enrgy power panels purchase is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial purchases you could make for your home today. Our company has the desire, will, and capability to deliver some of the most efficient solar energy systems available today. Every solar energy that is sold by Fidelity Solar Energy in Port St. Lucie Florida has a warranty of 25 years. We will not sell any solar energy panels that we don't feel will give our clients the proper coverage and protection they deserve. This also goes for the solar energy panel preformance which carries a 25 year warranty as well. As a local solar energy power company in Port St. Lucie Florida we feel that we are part of the growing community and take great pride to be located right here locally.




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