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Why Should I Use General contractors When Doing A Project In Las Vegas.  

The first thing we should all know is that in most cases the law requires us to hire a licensed Las Vegas contractor or a Las Vegas general contractor when doing a significant project that requires it to be in need of. A licensed general contractor in Las vegas would also understand the permits needed as well as what will make a project safer as a whole. You should also be aware that Las Vegas general contractors have insurance to protect the consumer as reuired by the Nevada Contractors Board. All general contractors Las Vegas licensed service providers have gone through the licensing procedures and have met all the requirements in order to do business as general contractors. It cannot be said enough how important it is that the consumer does not hire illegal contractors for their own safety. It could be said that in most cases when you hear that someone had a bad contractor in Las Vegas or a contractor that took money and then disappeared, it's likely to be an unlicensed contractor that was way over their head. In fact one of the rasons you should use a licensed Las Vegas general contractor is do to the fact that the Nevada Contractor Board makes sure that all the licensed contractors do not take projects that exceed their capabilities as well as their budget capabilities. This means that if you are looking to hire Las Vegas general contractors to do a project of certain amount like $100,000 the contractor needs to post their license number as well as their budget limitation. If the Las Vegas general contractor does not post it on their website or advertising they might not ba a legal Las Vegas contractor. If the Las Vegas controctors or the Las Vegas general contractors you are looking at do post it, you could take the license number and confirm it with the Nevada contractors Board along with their limitation. Use this link to do so if you have a contractor in mind https://app.nvcontractorsboard.com/Clients/ContractorLicenseSearch

​As a whole I persinally like to use general contractors anytime the project requires two or more contractors. This way the Las Vegas general contractor is responsible for all the contractors and the outcome. If you hire a general contractor in Las vegas but only hire them as an employee because you are doing a ''owner build project'' be aware that they have become your worker and do not have the same responsibilities under the Nevada Contractor Board. You will also need to provide worker comp for that Las Vegas general contractor. The rules can get complicated but the good news is that the contractor board is always happy to help the consumer so always call before you do anything like that. 

What kind of projects can general contractor in las Vegas help with. Most general contractors in Las Vegas will do everything from new builds, room additions, kitchens, bathrooms, stucco and drywall, painting and patching, foundation, and so much more. Some Las Vegas general contractors may have license limitations so you might want to ask both the Las Vegas general contractor and the contractor board before hiring the Las Vegas contractor

How do I know if I'm hiring a good general contractor. This is a very difficult question to answer. I personally like to get personal references if possible. you could also look up Las Vegas general contractors and their reviews online. You could use Google, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and many other platforms that are available in today's world. Another way that you could check up on a general contractor in Las vegas is to see if they had any complaints with the Nevada Contractors Board to where they were at fault. 

On a final note. The reason that Las Vegas general contractors need to be licensed is to protect the consumer and the public. Anytime a non licensed general contractor is hired the chances of danger goes up remarkably for everyone involved. You could even have a problem with your home insurance company in the event something arises from that, like a claim that has occurred due to an illegal contractor or general contractor. Simply put always hire a licensed Las Vegas contractor or Las Vegas general contractor and avoid some of the things that could go wrong. 

If you have any additional information that could help the consumer regarding general contractors in Las Vegas or contractors in las Vegas please e-mail us so we can post it as well. 

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