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Who did I Use For Window Shutters in Las Vegas?   

When I was looking for shutters Las Vegas companies I noticed that most companies didn't have a location. An other words the Las Vegas window shutters industry is more about coming to the consumers homes to do everything. This meant that I would need to have multiple shutters Las Vegas service providers come to my home for an estimate. 

I started by reading many Las Vegas shutters reviews to see what companies I would want to talk to in the first place. After all, I wasn't going to have ten companies come to my house, it would be more like three or four of them. 

Another rule that I personally like is to hire local companies. This did eliminate some of the shutters Las Vegas companies. As I never call 1800 phone numbers as I believe that when you need help down the road they have a tendencies not to deliver as well. In many ways looking for window shutters companies in Las Vegas was like looking for contractors. The amount of listings was huge but the ratings was commonly bad. This would lead to me needing to search rigidly for that Las Vegas shutters company that would provide a great product along with great service. 

​When the first window shutters company arrived I noticed that they were trying to push more expensive products. They used selling points like, some of the window shutters we sell don't do so well with the heat in Las Vegas. My first response and thought is was why would you sell or even give you customers an option for bad window shutters

Another window shutters Las Vegas company came out but they showed up two hours late and never even called to say they were running behind. This to me was a red light as it could represent what kind of service I might expect down the road. And on top of that they were the most expensive price on the shutters I wanted. 

The final company that I had come over was Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas. This company had amazing reviews for their Las Vegas window shutters sales and installation. Ben was amazing and understanding when it came to anything that I was concerned about. They gave me three amazing options that included window shutters, window blinds, and a combination of both. Ben said that no matter what product I choose they were all good for the Las Vegas heat. This showed me that Sun Off Shutters Of Las Vegas wouldn't sell their customers anything they didn't feel would by customer worthy. 

​As you might guess I used Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas for my window shutters needs. 

For more information regarding their shutters Las Vegas services see the link posted